Meet our Hammond Farmers Market Family

You Can't Buy Happiness. But You Can Buy Local -- And That's Kind of the Same Thing!

2 Vissions

Meet Mary, Jewel and Kendrel of 2 Vissions! Led by Jewel (photo center), this trio is delighted to serve delicious royal gumbo to the Hammond community every Saturday. 2 Vissions is truly a family venture where Jewel teaches his nieces and nephews how to cook his secret recipes of this Louisiana classic! Enjoy a choice between chicken & sausage or seafood gumbo that are both rich and filling anytime of year!

A&A Acres

Meet Ashley and Jasmine of A&A Acres! Ashley's the farmer and Jasmine is the July employee of the month These beautiful chickens are raised on their humble (but growing!) family farm in Loranger. They strive to be excellent stewards of the land and uphold the highest animal welfare standards to produce their pasture-raised chicken & duck eggs, as well as whole broilers and cuts.

Arcola Nursery

Information on Arcola Nursery coming soon!

Berry Hill Farm

Meet Will and Sandy Fleenor of Berry Hill Farm! You caught them here out of their natural habit (aka their lovely farm in Loranger), but you can catch Sandy pretty much every Saturday at our market. From their grass fed beef, new dairy products, veggies & herbs, blueberries, figs, breads, and dips, the Fleenors have such a passion to care for the land and provide healthy food to all.

Candlestick Bakery

Croissants, cookies and cakes - oh my! Candlestick Bakery has become everyone's go-to for your Saturday breakfast pastries (and Sunday, maybe Monday if you stock up ). Summer is always doling out her scrumptious baked goods with a smile - even if now behind a mask. She pretty much bakes it all and would love to accommodate any order you may have.

Debbie's Crunchy Delights

Meet Debbie of Debbie's Crunchy Delights! Her specialty is homemade dog treats, free of preservatives and garlic. Debbie's treats have tons of rave reviews from owners whose pups just can't get enough-they're that good! If you're in search of snacks for your beloved furry friend, Debbie's Crunchy Delights is definitely your go-to.

Denise Austin Pottery & True Brew

Meet Denise Austin of True Brew and Denise Austin Pottery! This multi-talented vendor molds native red clay into functional, organic pottery in her private studio in Hammond, LA., and her work is inspired by nature. She also serves many different choices of amazing coffee!

Family Fungi

Meet Elise and James of Family Fungi! This lovely pair offers an array of culinary and medicinal mushrooms, as well as supplements, teas, baked goods, and mushroom growing blocks. Elise and James are always happy to educate their customers about the numerous health benefits of mushrooms, staying true to their motto, "Your health is true wealth"!

Faust Farms

Meet the Faust Family of FAUST FARMS! Established in 1985 and a second generation family owned business, the Fausts continue to bring high quality produce to the community and Southeast Louisiana. While they grow a variety of veggies on their 60 acres of farm land spread between Amite and Independence, a customer favorite are their sun-kissed and sweet strawberries. You can find Brandon with a booth at our market in the Spring and Falls months!

Fletcher's Pastries

Meet Breanna of Fletcher's Pastries! At the market, she offers pasta, breads, sourdough, flatbreads, and more. Breanna also accepts personal orders-with glowing reviews to prove her talent! Known as "The Bread Lady", her creations are made with expert skill that are "By locals, for locals".

Fleur de Lemons & Candles by Elise

Meet Todd & Giselle of Fleur de Lemons! This sweet couple churns out classic freshly squeezed lemonade at our market. You can occasionally find Candles by Elise at their booth and they are always innovating with new fragrances and wax formulas. From watching them prepare you own fresh, sweet & lemony beverage to getting to smell that perfect candle, you'll truly get a market experience at their booth.

Fresh Hibiscus Tea

Meet Aisha, Firdaws and Annuradha of freshhibiscustea! This women-powered trio is sharing the culture of drinking hibiscus tea while empowering healthier lifestyles. They offer a selection of directly traded and micro-farmed organic artisan teas made from hibiscus flowers. While hibiscus tea is known to be a prised drink around the world, Firdaws (photo center) has pulled influence from her roots in Nigeria to bring this beverage to Louisiana. Just one sip evokes the thought of a perfect summer day in the tropics.

Giselabella Jewelry Designs

Meet Gisela of Gisellabella Jewelry Designs! Hear what she has to say about her creations: "I have been interested in jewelry all my life and have been creating and selling jewelry at various art markets, galleries and stores. I create fine jewelry from precious metal clay (.999 ) and semi precious stones. The pliable clay is formed, stamped, imprinted and cut out. Then the pieces are fired in a kiln at 1650 degrees and after that polished and embellished with semi precious stones and crystals. I also work with other Metals such as copper and brass and enjoy the endless design possibilities."

Heavenly Bodies

Meet Joyce of Heavenly Bodies! Her booth is stocked with natural living essentials to help you reach better quality of life naturally. Everything from organic skin care, crystal jewelry, Shungite products, chakra bracelets, diffuser jewelry, Elderberry Elixir, Kombucha and more.

Henderson's Hearth

Meet Amy of Henderson's Hearth! Henderson's Hearth is bringing Celtic back with Scottish influenced soup & baking mixes that will inspire you to get in the kitchen. Their jams are unique fusions of local herbs and fruit that offer a delightfully unexpected taste to a classic. From road trip snacks to mid week dinner staples, their booths have a variety of options that you'll want to stock your pantry with.

Janine Louise Art

Meet Janine of Janine Louise Art! This talented vendor is a self taught artist who enjoys creating her art with acrylics and watercolor paints. Janine specializes in creating beautiful florals and custom wedding bouquet portraits-plus, catch her at the market to ask about custom artwork!

Joe Fekete's Family Farm

Meet the Fekete Family of Joe Fekete's Family Farm! They work year round to raise vegetables & fruits on their farmstead in Amite, LA. From sheds full of butternut squash to pints of blueberries, the Feketes seek to deliver your local produce favorites every season. Amanda trucks their harvest down every Saturday to our market so you can fill your bags with their yummy local produce.

Katan Yada

Meet Videt and David Catania of Katan Yada Original Jewelry Creations! They are lapidary jewelers, meaning they take Earth-found stones and precious gemstones from all around the world to craft their jewelry. From grinding, shaping, drilling, and polishing, each of their creations are truly one of a kind. You can see them sporting their pieces here and get your own at our market!

Lisa's Sew Classic Creations

Meet Lisa of Lisa's Sew Classic Creations! Each hand sewn piece is made with the highest quality fabrics, including pressed cotton and seersucker, as well as classic embroidery designs. Her specialty is baby & toddler clothing and accessories, but you can also find the occasional pet outfit and grocery bag holders! You'll love taking home a piece made with such care and attention to detail.

Lost in The Wood Studios

Meet Tiffany, Jacob Cruse & Liam of Lost In The Wood Studios! Jacob (photo center) is a small pottery specializing in handcrafted functional stoneware and visionary behind the brand. Tiffany and Liam are the essential supports! From their organic and warm designs to the hot tea you sip out of their mugs, every piece evokes a simultaneous sense nature, comfort, and home - making you want to get lost in the woods! This crew is always the life the market party and you can buy from them in the coming months.

LT Forge

Meet LT Forge! This family of skilled blacksmiths offers a wide variety of carefully handcrafted knives and other metal items, and their products are not only useful, but beautifully made as well. Stick around their booth at the market, and you may even get a glimpse of the knives in action during a demo!

Mama's Kitchen

Meet Bonnie of Mama's Kitchen! At her booth, you'll find flavorful salsa in choices hot or medium, with four different sizes to choose from! Once you try a sample of Bonnie's salsa at the market, you'll be ready to stock your kitchen with all the Mama's Kitchen products you can carry!

Nutt'n Better

Meet Bobby of Nutt'n Better! With Nutt'n Better, you'll find delicious cinnamon-vanilla roasted nuts. Be sure to visit Bobby's booth at the market to check out all the different options. You definitely won't want to miss out!

Ollie's Hot Tamales

Meet Wendy of Ollie's HOT Tamales! You probably know Wendy from her main stay - hand rolled New Orleans style hot tamales swimming in a rich spicy tomato sauce. As a family business, the crew also whips up other Southern classics including hog's head cheese, stuffed mushrooms, stuffed artichokes & so much more. You can find Wendy pretty much every Saturday in Downtown Hammond dishing out their tasty creations!


Meet Louisa and Edgar of Petalsmith! This lovely pair starts, tends, & nurtures plants in Amite and trucks 'em down to our market every Saturday morning. Any plant question you got - Louisa is your lady!

Purple Elephant Bath & Body

Meet Alicia and Carmen of Purple Elephant Bath & Body! This mother-daughter duo creates natural bath products by hand, with sensitive skin in mind. Stop by their booth to see a wide array of carefully crafted bath bombs, soaps, body butters, and so much more. Not only are their products safe and effective to use for your skin, but they're also beautifully designed!

Red Maple Farm and Kitchen

Meet Cheryl of Red Maple Farm and Kitchen! Known as the "Probiotic and Keto Queen", her products exclusively cater to the keto diet, probiotic food & drinks, and gluten & sugar free items including appetizers, snacks, meals and desserts. As an urban farmer with over 2000 square feet of raised beds, she works diligently to grow a variety of seasonal veggies and herbs. She happily brings them to market every Saturday to share all of the goodness she makes with the community!

Sam's Wood N' Things

Meet Lisa and Mike Sambola of Sam's Wood N' Things. The name says it all - they make wooden things! From critter homes for bluebirds, owls, bats and butterflies to beautiful cedar planter boxes, everything they make can enhance your space, indoor or out.

Second Line Candle Company

Meet La'Drekia of Second Line Candle Company! Her beautiful luxury candles are hand-poured and smell absolutely incredible! Made to represent "...the soul of all things Louisiana.", Second Line Candle Company achieves that goal with an assortment of candles, wax melts, and long lasting room sprays that you're going to want for every room in your home!

Serenity Home & Gifts

Meet Kim and Vic Mancini of Serenity Home and Gifts! This sweet pair have been in business since 2006 and specialize in locally made items including face mask, art in slate, coasters, hand towels and jewelry. Their products feature Louisiana inspired designs that will make your space or impress anyone in need of a gift!

Sister's Front Porch Arts and Crafts

Meet Debi of Sister's Front Porch Arts & Crafts! At Debi's booth, you'll find lots of unique artwork, perfect for gifts and decor for your home! Her talent is showcased across several mediums, such as canvas, burlap, wood, barbed wire crosses, and wooden signs, using oil and acrylic paints. Stop by to find decor for every season and holiday- as well as art to keep up year round! You won't want to miss this vendor!

Susan Dennis Jewelry

Meet Susan Dennis of Susan Dennis Jewelry! At her booth, you'll find all types of jewelry perfect for any occasion. While Susan mostly makes jewelry as a hobby, she is happy to provide her customers with quality, handmade pieces at affordable prices. She is always creating new and exciting designs. You can find her just about every Saturday there's sunshine relaxing under the Crepe Myrtles.

The Little Laurel Leaf

Mike and Lauren Funnell here at The Little Laurel Leaf. We enjoy bringing a lot of colorful, quirky, and fun energy to our market community. I think that really reflects in the products we have for sale. Whether it be a snug handmade knit beanie to warm your noggin or an adorably sweet homemade poptart to melt in your mouth, and everything in between. Market is more than business for us.. it's like coming home!

The Sugar Press

Meet Jena and Erin, the mother/daughter duo behind The Sugar Press. Their mission is to spread love and light by producing original works of art through the combination of their passion to create and love of everything sweet! They focus the “Sugar” on all inclusive, beautifully decorated baked goods to be sure any food allergies or dietary restrictions won’t get in the way of you enjoying a sweet treat. They bring a modern flair to the “Press”, with uniquely designed, stained glass sun catchers, jewelry, watercolor invitations, prints and more! You can call on your one-stop-shop for any special occasion and event!

The Whirling Whisk

Meet Alexis of The Whirling Whisk! This cottage bakery specializes in creating a wide variety of gorgeous (and delicious!) macarons, with new flavors hitting the market nearly every Saturday. Not only are they picture perfect-but they're so tasty you'll want to get one of each!

Too Tiny Kitchen

Meet Lauren & Victor of Too Tiny Kitchen! This crew has all things Boudin! You might recognize these familiar faces cooking up Boudin egg rolls every Saturday at our market. And they specialize in other unique creations such as Boudin king cakes to Boudin kolaches. You know you'll be stuffed with any dish you get!

Uniquely Wired

Meet Teresa of Uniquely Wired! Each piece Teresa makes is hand crafted using a variety of materials including metals, stones, leather and more. Her metal wrapped stone pendants are intricate, whimsical pieces and truly one of a kind. She even takes customer orders to craft your perfect jewelry item!

Vonnie's Sweet Selections

Meet Ms. Vonnie, who is as sweet as her sweet creations! A baker of classic Southern pies, she comes to market every Saturday stocked with sweet treats that you know are made with love.