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When it comes to housing residents, Hammond is no novice. When we consider our diverse population and varying income rates, it can be inferred that the residents of our Main Street community are not equipped with the same housing checklist. Size, style, as well as price range all lie within a broad spectrum.

Our city zoning map identifies 50 multi-family homes, 113 single-family homes, 181 mixed-use central business district properties, and 37 commercial neighbor properties all in our district.

From low-income options like the renovated Hammond Eastside School, to higher income, mid-century modern and craftsman style housing, Hammond’s Downtown has truly come to cater to all walks of life. The district offers apartment units and small houses, perfect for students living in our college town. Mixed-use apartment complexes in newly developed or renovated buildings, like Square 71 and The Ritz, offer private upscale features like elevators, courtyards, and balconies to their residents.

Historic homes, making up approximately 30% of the housing units in the district, dot the quiet streets sitting mere blocks away from Downtown’s hustle and bustle.

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