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An internship with the DDD is unlike any other!
Whether you're interested in local government, non-profits, event-planning, graphic design, and more... you can gain valuable experience and insight right here in Downtown Hammond.

The DDD is currently seeking interns for the Spring 2022 semester in the following positions:
Farmers Market Operations Intern
Farmers Market Communications Intern

Please see each internship description below for more application details.

Operations Intern

Communications Intern

Summer 2021 Interns

Sam Brewster
Graphic Design Intern

Major: Graphic Design
Class: Senior

"Since attending Southeastern, I have enjoyed trying all the unique restaurants in downtown. One of my favorites is Black & Brew, I love the atmosphere and the food & drinks are amazing. I also enjoy attending Hot August Nights with my family."

Jaimie Rogers
Communications & Events Intern

Major: Family & Consumer Science
Class: Senior

"I am so excited for this internship because I really want to advance my communication skills and meet new people. I want to learn how projects come about and happen in downtown Hammond. I think my strong personality and work experience with understanding diversity of people can help with marketing the business and forming new business relationships."

Past Interns

Molly Shearman
Graphic Design Intern

Graphic Design: Delgado Community College, 2020
Bachelor of Science - Louisiana State University, 2014
Internship Semester: Spring 2021

Jacob Deliberto
Communications & Events Intern

Major: Marketing
Internship Semester: Spring 2021

Jade LeBlanc
Communication & Events Intern

Major: Communications - Public Relations
Internship Semester: Spring 2021

Grace Castellanos
Farmers Market Intern

Major: Marketing
Internship Semester: Spring 2021

Ryleigh Magee

Major: Communication
Internship Semester: Fall 2020

My time interning at the DDD was nothing short of amazing. Despite COVID-19 making event-planning a little difficult, I still learned so much about the communication field through this internship. Chelsea and Kati are great examples of professionals to follow; watching them interact with members of the public and conduct their day-to-day tasks has set the bar for me throughout my own professional career. Their guidance and true care for my success and well-being has made my experience interning at the DDD an amazing one, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have worked here!

Shelby Johnson

Major: Marketing with a concentration in Social Media and Advertising
Internship Semester: Spring 2020

Although COVID cut my time at the DDD short, I still learned so much. The ladies that I was able to work with gave me tasks that allowed me to gain insight that advanced me in my career. I was able to work beside them and help brainstorm for upcoming events. Even after my internship was completed, I have been able to turn to this office for guidance while completing my Masters in Organizational Communication. The DDD was one of the top experiences during my undergraduate years that helped confirm that I was in the right field.

Kylene LeBlanc

Major:  Family and Consumer Science Major Minor: Marketing
Internship Semester: Fall 2018/Spring 2019

My time at the DDD helped me make Hammond my home. I had the privilege to sit down with business owners in the district and get to know about them and their business. I was able to meet so many small business owners and make new friends. This experience allowed me to learn about the history in Hammond and why so many people are happy to call Hammond their home!

Gabrielle Cox

Major: Communication 
Internship Semester: Fall 2017 

I really enjoyed my time at the DDD. I was given writing opportunities where I actually had an article published. I was in charge of social media which helped me to learn how to market events. I also helped organize Hot August Night. It was awesome seeing the finished project that night!  Truly loved the experience and the people I met were phenomenal. The DDD is a staple for our community and to be a part of that process was so rewarding.

Catherine Becnel

Major: Communication Major 
Internship Semester: Spring 2015
I loved how we were so involved with the planning of everything. Chelsea was an amazing mentor who I learned a lot from. My favorite part was helping with the farmers markets and Hot August Night. This was one of my favorite internships I’ve ever done and will forever be grateful for the experience and the people I have met through this opportunity. 

Vincent Vasquez