Real Word Experience.
Small Town Feel.

An internship with the DDD is unlike any other!
Whether you're interested in local government, non-profits, event-planning, graphic design, and more... you can gain valuable experience and insight right here in Downtown Hammond.

The DDD is currently seeking interns for the Fall 2022 semester for the following positions:

Graphic Design

Communication/ Events

Farmers Market Communication

Farmers Market Operations

(More than one person may be considered for each position!)

Applications are currently open. Deadline to apply is Friday, July 22nd by 5pm. 

DDD Graphic Design Intern

DDD Communication/ Events Intern

Farmers Market Operations Intern

Farmers Market Communication Intern

Summer 2021 Interns

Sam Brewster
Graphic Design Intern

Major: Graphic Design
Class: Senior

"Since attending Southeastern, I have enjoyed trying all the unique restaurants in downtown. One of my favorites is Black & Brew, I love the atmosphere and the food & drinks are amazing. I also enjoy attending Hot August Nights with my family."

Jaimie Rogers
Communications & Events Intern

Major: Family & Consumer Science
Class: Senior

"I am so excited for this internship because I really want to advance my communication skills and meet new people. I want to learn how projects come about and happen in downtown Hammond. I think my strong personality and work experience with understanding diversity of people can help with marketing the business and forming new business relationships."

Past Interns

Jade LeBlanc
Communication & Events Intern

Major: Communications - Public Relations
Internship Semester: Spring 2021

Molly Shearman
Graphic Design Intern

Graphic Design: Delgado Community College, 2020Bachelor of Science - Louisiana State University, 2014Internship Semester: Spring 2021

Grace Castellanos
Farmers Market Intern

Major: Marketing
Internship Semester: Spring 2021

Jacob Deliberto
Communications & Events Intern

Major: Marketing
Internship Semester: Spring 2021

Ryleigh Magee

Major: Communication
Internship Semester: Fall 2020

Shelby Johnson

Major: Marketing with a concentration in Social Media and Advertising
Internship Semester: Spring 2020

Kylene LeBlanc

Major:  Family and Consumer Science Major Minor: Marketing
Internship Semester: Fall 2018/Spring 2019

Gabrielle Cox

Major: Communication 
Internship Semester: Fall 2017 

Catherine Becnel

Major: Communication Major 
Internship Semester: Spring 2015

Vincent Vasquez