The DDD has a long standing partnership with Southeastern Louisiana University students. We engage students looking for everything from event planning experience to government policy and procedure. 

Every internship is unique but some tasks our interns complete are
  • Creating marketing material for multiple platforms for the DDD and for select businesses 
  • Visiting and working with local businesses
  • Preparing for board and committee meetings
  • Doing research such as measuring sidewalks, counting trees, parking spaces, etc. 
  • Handling different aspects of events such as organizing vendors, volunteers, musicians, etc. 
  • Updating building and business surveys 
  • Working with Farmers Market vendors 

If you want to intern with the DDD send your resume to [email protected] 

Check out some of our past amazing interns below!  

Shelby Johnson

Major: Marketing with a concentration in Social Media and Advertising
Internship Semester: Spring 2020

Although COVID cut my time at the DDD short, I still learned so much. The ladies that I was able to work with gave me tasks the allowed me to gain insight that advanced me in my career. I was able to work beside them and help brainstorm for upcoming events. Even after my internship was completed, I have been able to turn to this office for guidance while completing my Masters in Organizational Communication. The DDD was one of the top experiences during my undergraduate years that helped confirm that I was in the right field.

Vincente Vasquez

Major: Marketing
Internship Semester: Spring & Fall 2019

I learned how much detail goes into planning and coordinating events, big and small. I got to practice door to door sales and help promote the influence that DDD has within the community.

Kylene LeBlanc

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Major:  Family and Consumer Science Major Minor: Marketing
Internship Semester: Fall 2018/Spring 2019

My time at the DDD helped me make Hammond my home. I had the privilege to sit down with business owners in the district and get to know about them and their business. I was able to meet so many small business owners and make new friends. This experience allowed me to learn about the history in Hammond and why so many people are happy to call Hammond their home!

Gabrielle Cox

Major: Communication 
Internship Semester: Fall 2017 

I really enjoyed my time at the DDD. I was given writing opportunities where I actually had an article published. I was in charge of social media which helped me to learn how to market events. I also helped organize Hot August Night. It was awesome seeing the finished project that night!  Truly loved the experience and the people I met were phenomenal. The DDD is a staple for our community and to be apart of that process, was so rewarding.

Catherine Becnel

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Major: Communication Major Internship semester: Spring 2015 
I loved how we were so involved with the planning of everything. Chelsea was an amazing mentor who I learned a lot from. My favorite part was helping with the farmers markets and Hot August Night. This was one of my favorite internships I’ve ever done and will forever be grateful for the experience and the people I have met through this opportunity.